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SIM FREE MOBILE PHONES (Use your own sim card!)

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ID: alc1016 Alcatel One Touch 1016G

Alcatel One Touch 1016G sim free mobile phone.

Nice basic phone with no camera, no bluetooth and no internet.

Will work with any network (except 3).

Takes normal size sim card.

Complete with charger and instructions.

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ID: doro508 Doro PhoneEasy 508
Doro 506

Doro PhoneEasy 508 sim free mobile.

Easy to use with large keypad, intuitive menu and enlarged text.

Large, easy to read colour display

Extra loud and clear sound

Comes complete with charger and instruction manual.

ID: nokia215 Nokia 215
Nokia 215

Nokia 215 sim free mobile phone.

White with contrasting black buttons

Complete with charger and instructions.

ID: nokia222 Nokia 222
Nokia 222

Nokia 222 sim free mobile phone.

Complete with charger and instruction manual

ID: catb25 Caterpillar B25 Toughphone
Cat B25

Caterpillar B25 sim free handset.

Designed and built for the harshest environments.

Comes complete with charger,earpiece and instruction manual.